Things You Didn’t Know About Autism Patients

ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), commonly known to you as Autism is a condition that can be found in certain people due to a neurological disorder that directly affects their communication and cognitive functions. If you come across any such patients it is important that you are aware on how to react and treat them as they are very sensitive to sounds and actions. Therefore, being patient and kind in their midst is the most important factor that you need to keep in mind. Further, let us look at what this condition really is, how to diagnose it and how to treat and care for them.What is it?

How can we define this condition of ASD? As previously mentioned, the condition of autism tends to cause impairments in the communication abilities of an individual due to a complexity that arises due to neurological disorders. You must be aware that when handling individuals that have been affected with this condition, it is important to have patience in  order to deal with their sudden aggressive behaviour. In addition to that, they will not like change and will perform stereotyped actions like hand flapping.

What causes this condition?

When you walk into a adult disability services Northern Suburbs home, you might come across these types of children and even adults. Have you ever wondered how they have become victims of ASD? Well, there is no certain explanation as to how this condition has come to be. Studies conducted by scientists have been able to find out that it is caused by genetics. However, they are unsure as to whether environmental factors too have any effect on this case.

How to diagnose

It is not that difficult to notice one’s ASD condition at a tender age. Even at a few months of six to eighteen, you will be able to notice it through their behaviour. For instance, if they find difficulty in speaking, do not respond to their names, not developing accordingly or playing with toys in an unusual manner are considered to be early signs of this condition. Therefore, getting respite care at Carinya Society in such cases is vital.


The best treatment that you can give a child diagnosed with ASD is much attention full of love. As this condition requires them to seek for protection and shelter, make sure that they are given just that. Keep in mind that they are special too. In addition to that, you could also take them to physical therapy to improve their life styles and make their lives too, ones they can cherish.